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Household scale solutions using locally available materials

Clay Pot Coolers

Practical, affordable, and effective devices

By providing a cool humid environment, clay pot coolers can improve the shelf life of many common fruits and vegetables in dry regions.

These simple devices can be quickly and easily assembled using locally available materials. Clay pot coolers typically cost between $2 and $15 depending on their size.

CoolVeg can help identify the most effective and practical designs for households, vendors, and farmers in a given context.

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Training Program

Increasing usage of clay pot coolers

CoolVeg is dedicated to scaling a training program to raise awareness and build local capacity to construct and sell clay pot coolers in dry regions. This training program typically consists of training sessions lasting between 1 and 3 hours and can be conducted in partnership with agricultural extension networks, cooperatives, school garden programs, health centers, and savings groups. By creating both supply and demand for the clay pot coolers a highly sustainable and scalable dissemination effort can be created. 

Training Program Outcomes

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Work With Us

CoolVeg aims to help millions of households access clay pot coolers in the next 5 years.

If clay pot coolers can benefit the communities where you work,

CoolVeg can work with you to develop and implement targeted programs. 

Resources and Reports
Video: Clay Pot Coolers in Mali
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